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About Us

Our story begins at the door.

From designer Monica Lavin, Art of the Entry creates timeless accents for treasured exteriors. It’s a celebration of the spaces we call our own, beginning before we even cross the threshold. With enduring style and refined charm, the collection captures the beauty of coming home—and the joy of welcoming others in. 

Based in Charleston, South Carolina and guided by the city’s aesthetic traditions, Art of the Entry is a seamless marriage of style, elegance, and hospitality. With thoughtful details and distinctive touches, our pieces are rooted in heritage design, at home amid wrought iron gates, ivy-covered steps, and vines of fragrant jasmine. 

Our entries are our first true point of connection—to family, to neighbors, to passersby. We believe in granting these well-tread spaces the same care we lend to our interiors, creating a sense of warmth and belonging from the outside in.

Bringing artful exteriors to life

To us, attention to detail is everything. From delicate lattice work and bold scalloping to durable brass hardware and hand-painted accents, our designs are a true labor of love. We spent several years perfecting these pieces, then sought high and low for the right craftsmen to bring them to life. The result? The finest-quality mailboxes and exterior accents available today, steeped in timeless style.

Monica Lavin

Founder Monica Lavin is a designer and entrepreneur based in Charleston, South Carolina. Her collaborators include major brands such as Subzero and Wolf, Pinterest, Pottery Barn, Farrow and Ball, Circa Lighting, JetBlue, and Thibaut, and her work has been featured in design-focused publications including Southern Living and Cottage Journal

A consummate design enthusiast, Lavin has always been drawn to the details, and the subtle ways our homes express who we are. After countless neighborhood strolls, she began to notice the mailboxes—the first element of a home we see, yet often the most overlooked. Noticing a lack in the market—not only for design-forward mailboxes, but other entry-specific accents as well—Lavin lept to work, creating Art of the Entry as the first thoughtful lifestyle brand of its kind.

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